Friday, 1 March 2013

If Some Kinglets Could Write Some Fanfic That Isn't Mattex, That Would Be Great

[The title is irrelevant]

     Firstly, I have noticed from watching the BBC news channel (for lack of better daytime television) that my country is arguing against a European Union cap on banker bonuses because it is too much of a "one size fits all" policy. Now I know that this is a very complicated situation so I can't say if I agree with the policy or not but what I did think when I heard this was "isn't the EU basically just a load of one size fits all policies?". And I don't think that's just me.
     Secondly, a rant - book burning. Book burning is bad, granted, but a few days days ago my brother asked if he could burn the Twilight saga (which I have recently got rid of in a clear out) and my mother said no. She said this because "what does it lead to - Nazis". Now, to me, that is a bit like "what do gay relationships lead to - relationships with animals". No, they don't. Just no. They may technically be on the same scale but they are completely different things. So while a Nazi book burning symbolises oppression, fascism and dictatorship, burning the Twilight saga is just some light humour over a badly written book. And that is why I am annoyed.

❤ Meggz

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