Wednesday, 6 February 2013

On The Subject Of Gay Marriage

[I should probably mention now that I am not homosexual so I can't see the full picture of this story - I am sorry for my naïvety]

     As you may have noticed, I am a Christian - but a very liberal one. And as you may also have noticed, gay marriage is in British political news a lot right now. So here are my views on the matter.
     Basically, in my religion, marriage is a union between a man and a woman blessed by God. It's a specific thing that, for obvious reasons, has come to be widely celebrated. However a secular or civil marriage is a different thing. A completely different thing - so why is there no gay civil marriage???? If "the church is the only thing stopping them" then it's clearly a no-brainer. Or, in other words, why do us lot always get laden with so much of the blame????
     Secondly, gay relationships. Absolutely. Where love is God is - that is what the Bible says and that is what I believe. What the Bible actually says is along the lines of  'when a man sleeps with a man he should be stoned' (not those exact words). Notice the 'sleeps' - does sleeps mean loves? Does sleeps mean lives with? Does sleeps mean raises a family with? No, it does not. And if that is what it has come to mean then, when it comes to society bashing, the church is getting it's priorities wrong. Also, this verse is from Leviticus - a book which also says that you shouldn't eat pork, seafood, etc. and that people should be stoned for working on the sabbath. And I have met some strong evangelicals but they don't do any of that.
     So my idea of a perfect outcome is gay civil marriage, (possibly) gay religious marriage in churches that are comfortable with it and a special blessing for gay couples for those who are not. Oh, and a restraining order for everyone who thinks homosexuality is a sin...
     Also, the government seems to think it can force the church to do things and, whether they are in the wrong or the right, this annoys me. A lot.


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