Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lolness Is My Awesomenosity

Okay, now for something a bit more light-hearted...

     This post is about Olly Murs. I like Olly Murs - I have done ever since I heard "Dance With Me Tonight". But I was listening to his album "Right Place Right Time" and the 3rd song: "Loud And Clear" - no matter how much I actually kind of liked it - is probably going to end up in a lawsuit. This being because the backing vocals that follow the chorus the chorus are nearly an exact copy of the string part at the begin of Coldplay's "Paradise". And of course a lot of songs have allegedly been copied of "Paradise" and even the original could arguably be a copy - it's Coldplay, it's so predictable you can guess the cadence several lines before hearing it, it's got to have been used many times. It's just the extreme likeness between the two that shocked me because I honestly can't believe that no one noticed.
     Now of course he could easily have a sample and be giving Coldplay songwriter loyalties and how many properly original songs are there out there these days anyway???? Take the 2012 winning Eurovision song "Euphoria" for example. The title line and pretty much the whole of the rest of the chorus are an extremely close copy of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" but, as far as I know, no one's sued yet. But what really annoys me about "Loud And Clear" is that not only is it an obvious copy of another artist's hit song but it even hugely resembles an old Olly Murs song - "This Song Is About You" - in the bridge between the verse and chorus. Why, oh why???? I do not understand modern music.
      Okay, this didnt end up particularly light-hearted, I apologise - here is a joke to make up for this:

Q: What's the fastest way to tune a banjo?
A: With wire cutters.


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