Saturday, 19 January 2013

Oh Hai There

[Before I start this, I should probably apologise in advance for my spelling, grammar and over-use of brackets]

Okay, now I will explain myself...

      Firstly, I'm not really a shipper. Well I'm sort of a shipper - especially when it comes to YouTube (Brarlie and CALEX). And Nevilluna. And, my otp, Meggzmallows. But yes, I'm not a massive shipper; it just sounded like a good blog title.
      Secondly, the web address. Basically, yesterday I decided that I felt like turning my bedroom into a micro-nation. And the web address is its name - it's after my favourite actress and singer (yes Emma, that singer...). But then after that I had a mental block so I'll update you on it another time.
      And finally, comment. Please. I'm lonely.

 ❤ Meggz

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